Training and Apprenticeship Opportunities

The NNI Secretariat of the Government of Nunavut does not provide training and apprenticeship opportunities directly, except with regard to it's own procedures & operations.

However, part of purpose of the NNI Policy is to encourage and support the delivery of training and apprenticeship opportunities for people in Nunavut, particularly in association with Government of Nunavut contracts. A listing of current contracts with training or apprenticeship opportunities in Nunavut can be seen by clicking on this link: LINK TO RELEVANT AWARDS

Information about additional training and apprenticeship opportunities in Nunavut or for Nunavummiut can be found here:

You can obtain additional information about the NEAT program by calling the Department of Education at (867) 975 - 5600.

For training materials about complying with NNI regulations, follow THIS LINK to a listing of NNI documents.